We specialize in dry prime pump packages, but we also build a wide range of other equipment used in various industries such as mining, construction, and agriculture. We use only high-quality parts and follow rigorous testing procedures to ensure that your equipment meets or exceeds industry standards.

A black diesel driven pump

Diesel Driven Pump Packages

Reliable Diesel Driven Pump Packages for Tough Environments

electric dry prime pump

Electric Driven Pump Packages

Electric Driven Pumps for Reliable and Efficient Pumping Solutions

The Quick Pick - by Patriot Products Group

The Quick Pick

Our own pump helps you reduce your downtime, is easy to use, and increases efficiency

An image of a complete priming system

Patriot Priming System

Optimize Your Pump Performance with Our High-Quality Patriot Priming System

Lower Vac Pump Parts Kit, metal pieces, cylinders, pins, etc.

Parts Kits

Replacement Parts & Parts Kits with Superior Performance & Durability

A green refurbished pump on a trailer outside

Refurbishment Service

Trust that your equipment will be handled with care and precision.